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Store Policies

We want our customers to always be happy with the goods you buy. Please note our policy on returns or damaged goods. Sadly, not everything in our shop or on our Facebook lives is on the website, this is just too big a job to list it all. However, feel free to email or message us on Facebook to ask for items you may have seen or photos of the shop shelves. We are more than happy to help you find something you like.


  • If you choose a post bag for any of your orders, this is delivered at your risk. However, we always send your item tracked.
  • If you select courier delivery please check your parcel for damage. Only sign for delivery if you are happy with delivery and your items are intact. We cannot claim for breakages if the items have been signed for. Please inform us as soon as possible and provide good and clear photos.


Wrong size:

  • If you bought something online and it’s the wrong size, please do not wash, or remove the tag and send back, we can either exchange for the right size or credit you.



  • Please note we do not refund any crystals if you don’t feel “the right energy” or if you simply change your mind.
  • Perfumes: All boxed perfumes in the shop are a replica, or a fragrance close to others, please note we do not offer refund on our perfumes. This is dues to not being able to sell it once opened, and most of our perfumes are only $10 per bottle.
  • We do not offer returns on earrings, piercing supplies, pipes, grinders, papers, or anything that goes in the mouth. This is due to sanitary reasons – please choose carefully.
  • We do not offer refunds on any bathroom products because “you don’t like the smell”. We however would if, for example, the glass container was broken in transit.
  • We will help in every way possible if your product is defective, have a chat to us and we will see what we can do for you.


Facebook lives:

  • To claim on a live you must comment : item (letter) and sold. Your items, once claimed, are yours. We prefer people to not change their mind, as it does mean more work and someone else could miss out on that something special. Please note there could be lag from when you see your comment, to when we see it. All claims are based on when we see your comment.
  • If new you must message our facebook page. This is so we have a way to contact you.
  • Please allow up to 3 days for us to upload your invoice. Your invoice can be found on the website under the “facebook order” tab.
  • If you cancel, don’t make payment, or “ghost” our messages you will need to be a $20 down payment next time you want to purchase from a live. This and more information on this can be found on the “life line” product under “facebook orders”
  • Due date is due date. If you claim items please pay within the date stated on the show. If for any reason you can’t, please message us on facebook, or send us an email. We understand sometimes things happen.


  • Facebook game show: These items, packs, dips, etc must be paid on check out. They can be found under “facebook games” tab. Please note that some of our packs are a lucky dip. Please do not order if you’re not happy to take a gamble, but your items will always be to the value if not more.



  • Please allow up to 3 days from payment to sending. This is due to Paul doing the courier and postal sending on his day off and a few hours a day. (He has his own job) Please be patient.
  • We will always send you an email with tracking details, once Paul has ticketed it.
  • We do offer combined on carts, however please note once you add shipping that is telling us you are ready for us to send. We can not add items for carts put through after, as all items will be packed and ready to go. We also only hold combined items for up to 2 weeks, this is due to storage room.
  • If your shipping amount is not correct, its ok! Paul will message you on facebook to inform you the difference needed, however this will put your send back a day or two.
  • If you order crystals, mugs, figurines please always pick courier.
  • Please note that incense and salt lamps will not fit in a small $4.50 postage bag.
  • We can not send perfumes, oils, or carrier oils overseas, however we can send lotions, balms, and shower gel.
  • If you provide the wrong address, or you don’t update your address on the website we cannot be responsible for your order being misdirected. This your responsibility, however we will help to the best we can to track your item, but please be aware if the address we deliver to keeps your item you might not have any grounds to claim through.



  • International shipping will take more then 3 days to arrange. All the right paperwork by us must be filled out etc.
  • International shipping is done by weight. Please on check out on the website use PAYPAL and pick QUOTE for shipping. We will email/facebook message you the amount for shipping once packed and weighted etc.



  • We reserve the right to refuse sale to uphold the integrity of the service we provide.

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