Things You Can Find in a Crystal Shop in New Zealand

If you are someone exploring the world of spirituality, you must be confused about all the options you can choose from and where you can get them. You can actually find these items in our crystal shop, and talk to our team on how to use them from tarot, pendulums, protection crystals etc. We also have a range of books in store to read about Pagan, wiccan, crystals, and other styles to help you learn different divination and history. Our store is based in New Zealand.

In this post, we’ll talk about the different items you find in our crystal shop.

Different Healing Crystals You Should Know

Crystals have been around for a long time now. They are actually touted as ancient forms of medicine as some of them were used as healing formulas sometime around the 4th millennium BC. Crystals have also been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, with their earliest use dating back to 5,000 years ago.

  1. Clear Quartz
    Considered a master healer, this white crystal is used to amplify energy. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, promoting a self-care experience centred on mindfulness and reflection. It is also said to stimulate the immune system and balance out the body.
  2. Rose Quartz
    Another popular stone you can find in a crystal shop in New Zealand is rose quartz. This pink stone is claimed to help restore harmony in different kinds of relationships and improve close connection.This stone is not only all about love. It also provides comfort during times of grief. Rose quartz is also popular for encouraging worth within one’s self. We all could use this pink stone to encourage love, respect, and trust in this day and age.
  3. Amethyst
    Fancy the colour purple? This stone is perfect for you. Amethyst is a healing, purifying, and protective stone.Many have claimed that it can help rid of negative thoughts. Amethyst is also believed to promote better sleep and aids in insomnia. In addition to that, this purple stone also boosts hormone production.
  4. Obsidian
    This stone is also found in any crystal shop in New Zealand. It is believed to rid the body of physical and emotional negativity. Obsidian is also said to promote qualities of clarity, compassion, and strength, helping the wearer find their true sense of self. This stone may also aid in detoxification and digestion and help reduce cramps and other bodily pains.
  5. Citrine
    You have probably seen a beauty soap with the same colour as citrine and found it refreshing. This stone is said to bring joy, enthusiasm, and wonder. It is believed to release negative traits like fear and encourage warmth, motivation, clarity, and optimism.To enhance mindful qualities like creativity and concentration, it wouldn’t hurt to get yourself this stone.

Crystal Accessories You Should Have

Crystals are popular for their healing abilities, first and foremost. We also can’t deny that they are absolutely beautiful. This is why many people make accessories out of them: home decorations, jewellery, etc. You can even find a beauty soap infused with crystals in a crystal shop in New Zealand.

Consider adding these items to your list of must-haves:

  1. Jewellery
    One great way to incorporate the healing abilities of crystals is by making jewellery pieces out of them. With jewellery pieces, you not only harness a crystal’s healing abilities but also show off its beauty.
  2. Fairy and Dragon Ornaments
    Crystals, fairies, and dragons—what’s not to love? These fairy ornaments are a great addition to your home. They make your space look enchanting and captivating.These ornaments also make for a perfectly unique gift. Whether you want your loved ones to manifest overall good energy or simply want to gift them with something unique and beautiful, you can’t go wrong with these ornaments.
  3. De’s Cavern: Your Go-to Crystal Shop in New Zealand

    Enjoy the positive qualities that crystals offer here at our shop. At De’s Cavern, you can find a wide array of crystals, essential oils, and natural products that are sure to bring peace and serenity within your home. Feel free to browse through our website.

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