The book of shadows tarot volume 1 and 2

De's Cavern

volume one
As Above
volume two
So Below

Includes book
by: Barbara Moore

Bridget MaGuire presents the first of an extraordinary two part tarot deck. Together the two create a complete Book of Shadows: As Above, So Below. This volume, As Above, illustrates the spiritual teachings of pagans today. These cards explore the Wiccan vision of the Divine and the world. The second volume, So Below, explores magic and spirituality in every day life.

This tarot deck, following the Rider Waite tradition, is a magical and spiritual deck woven with images full of wisdom, lessons and teachings. This deck complements and connects to The Book Of Shadows Tarot “As Above”, focusing on how the spiritual and universal energies appear and manifest in everyday life. Full of Wiccan and Pagan symbolism by a well known and bestselling author this deck has a fully illustrated minor Arcana


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