Hecate Goddess hoodie – black size: small

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Our amazing new range of tshirts and hoodies have been purchased and made for our store. We have paid for the license for the art work and have got them printed in NZ.

Who is the Goddess Hecate?
A favorite among modern and past witches, Hecate is an ancient Greek Goddess of magic, life and death, herbalism, the mysteries, and much more. She is a liminal spirit – she guards the thresholds between the human and spirit world. She’s found at the crossroads, at the doorways of homes, and at the gates of the cemetery. While a chthonic deity who presides over death and the dead, many forget Hecate is also a goddess of childbirth and life. As a triple goddess, her domain is the life/death/rebirth cycle. She is often depicted in a triple goddess form: as three women looking in different directions or as a three-headed canine.
Is Hecate dark? Many say she’s a dark goddess and it seems that reputation precedes her. However, people forget she’s a goddess of childbirth and LIFE, too! She helps heal women in need of reproductive healing and aids in the birthing process. She’s as much LIGHT as she is DARK. She encompasses all of these things


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