Raven/crow head meaning

Here are common ways that crows can send you messages from the spirit realm:

Transformation: Crows can show up when you experience a sudden shift, upheaval, internal and external chaos that will lead to a spiritual awakening and internal revelation of self.
Separation: crows mourn the dead, and can show up when you are experiencing the separation of a loved one, that either passed away or ended a relationship. They show up to offer comfort, and to help you move through the grieving process.
Endings: Crows can show up to help you end a season of your life and begin a new one. Often we are resistant to change, so they show up to help you release the resistance to ending certain aspects in your life.
Shadow self: the black color of crows represents shadow work and working through parts of your shadow self. They can show up when negative or dark parts of yourself come to the surface that is holding you back. Crows can help you break through these.
Illusion: Crows can show up to help you work past a period of uncertainty and illusions that are keeping you from seeing the bigger picture. They ask you to tap into your intuition and pay attention to your inner and psychic sight.
Mental-blocks: Crows are creative and can show up to help you work past mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks through creativity and problem-solving.

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