Poseidon god

Poseidon is considered to be one of the twelve original Olympian Gods of Greek mythology.

He is known to have been swallowed by his father, Chronos who was the youngest of all the Greek Titans. Later, when Chronos’s other son, Zeus, grew up, he rescued Poseidon and made Chronos eject Poseidon from his stomach. After which, the brothers teamed up to oust their father, Chronos.

Poseidon’s Epithets
God of the Seas
Tamer and father of Horses
The Earthshaker
The God of the Springs
The protector of Seafarers
Leader of the Nymphs
His symbols are the Trident, Dolphin, Horse, and fish

Poseidon is always pictured with a Trident and is seen riding a chariot which is being pulled by Hippocampuses (Horses with the bodies of fish)

Like how his siblings were swallowed by their father Chronos, Poseidon too met the same fate. But he was saved by Zeus, according to one version of the lore, while according to other versions, it was his mother that saved him by hiding him in between a flock of lambs. Although, she pretended she had given birth to a colt which she then proceeded to give Chronos to devour.

It is said that Poseidon received the Sea while his brothers Hades became the ruler of the underworld and Zeus became the Lord of the skies. Poseidon was known to be a short-tempered and violent God and was a loose cannon amongst all deities.

Poseidon’s Family
Mother: Rhea
Father: Chronos
Brothers: Zeus and Hades
Sisters: Hestia Demeter and Hera

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