We will be launching a phoenix body wash and thought I would share a little about the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is a mythological bird known throughout all cultures and all ages. When it dies, the bird bursts into flames and is reborn from its ashes, immortalizing it. Each life is said to be between 500 and 1000 years. Crimson and gold accent most depictions of this majestic creature, although they may also have other colors such as blue or purple. With the attractiveness of a peacock and the size of an eagle, this bird symbolizes beauty and strength. The Phoenix’s cry is considered a beautiful sound, much like a beautiful song. Through its beauty and unusual death, the Phoenix has become a symbol of immortality, renewal, and rebirth.

Although no one knows for sure how the myth of the Phoenix began, the origins trace as far back as biblical times, and within every continent where people live, some believe its legend began from mysterious birds that people indeed came across. Most likely, no one will ever know.

Origin of the Phoenix
One bird that the legend derives from is the flamingo, who will nest on salt flats that are too hot for a flamingo chick nor its egg to survive. Nesting there causes a unique convection effect that is similar to that of the convection of a flame. The flamingos family name in the scientific world is Phoenicopteridai, which derives from the more generic word, Phoenicopterus, which means Phoenix-winged.

Another belief is that the legend originated from the peacock, which would match its size and beauty. Although from the majority of the descriptions, it is the golden pheasant that most resembles what we view a phoenix to look like. Although a golden pheasant is much smaller than what a Phoenix is thought to be. Many consider it as the size of an eagle. It does have the same beauty and same crimson and gold colors as the golden pheasant and the beautiful long tail. Some have blues and purples, just as phoenixes.

What Does the Phoenix Symbolize?
A phoenix symbolizes rebirth or starting over. Someone may get a tattoo to signify a fresh start, which is common when someone has overcome addiction or other severe trauma. It also means victory over death. Because of the rebirth symbolism, a phoenix is often thought to represent a lot of good virtues such as grace and kindness. Others feel that each part of the bird symbolizes a different attribute. The body symbolizes kindness, the wings prosperity, and head reliability.

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