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De's Cavern

De is the founder and manager of De’s Cavern which was est in 2008. After a few building moves Denise Damiani (De) has built this buisness from the ground up over the years to a bigger and better building. With her loving husband Paul, and her Mother Maureen’s support she is able to be able to do 2 weekly lives in her store via Facebook, and making her business be known in many different areas of the world. De and her team provide what they feel is our best service with a great range of products such as Crystals, one of the best Incense display in NZ, tarot and oracle cards, dragons and many more. The store also believes in “re-using” items, and half of the store is secondhand with books, and kitchenwear etc.

The facebook lives have many options of playing, and a 3 week layby is available during the live if you’re not wanting to pay it all up front. There are also secure payment options available right here on the website so you can pay via credit card, afterpay etc.

If you have any questions please contact the team via our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/decavern/) or email us on

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